Croydon - Newhaven (Vanguard Way)   




                                                 The Vanguard Way (Colin Saunders)


  66 miles from the suburbs to the sea

  It's the perfect route for walkers !

  All right, this is the opinion of members of the Vanguards Rambling Club, who created both the route and this website.


  And, yes, we would say that, but this is why we think so:

  At 66 miles (107 km) the Vanguard Way is not too short and not too long, so is easily covered in a week or less, or over a few weekends.


  You will encounter:

- a designated National Park (South Downs);

- two Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty (Surrey Hills, High Weald);

- a heritage coast (Sussex Coast);

- three scheduled sites of national or regional interest (Nore Hill Chalk Pinnacle, Haxted Mill and Dry Hill Camp) and many other points of interest.


- There are great views throughout the route, including two of the best in Britain: the Cuckmere Meanders and the Seven Sisters.

- Nearly all the route is on public rights of way, and goes mostly through open countryside and woodland.

- The route is well served by public transport, so you can easily walk it on day trips from London.

- You'll learn something new every day.

- When you complete the route you qualify for a free certificate, and you can commemorate your achievement with a badge.


  And there's a FREE GUIDE & MAPS describing the route from North to South and from South to North!  New (5th) editions of the north to south route guides, introduction to the route, and companion are now available to download.


  Stages (from North to South) :

- 01. Croydon - Chelsham Common (11,0 km) (6,8 miles)    

- 02. Chelsham Common - Limpsfield Chart (12,7 km) (7,9 miles)

- 03. Limpsfield Chart - Haxted Mill (8,1 km) (5,0 miles)

- 04. Haxted Mill - Forest Row (13,4 km) (8,3 miles)

- 05. Forest Row - Poundgate (11,3 km) (7,0 miles)

- 06. Poundgate - Blackboys (11,0 km) (6,8 miles)

- 07. Blackboys - Golden Cross (12,2 km) (7,6 miles)

- 08. Golden Cross - Berwick Station (6,6 km) (4,2 miles)

- 09. Berwick Station - Exceat Bridge (10,5 km) (6,5 miles)

- 10. Exceat Bridge - Newhaven  (9,7 km) (6,0 miles)



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