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                                                                      1. Pamplona - Burgos - León


  Day 1. Pamplona to Puente la Reina (25 km)  

  The bumpy Camino requires a mountainbike on some stretches with a neckbreaking downhill to Muruzabal.

  We chose to climb Monte Perdon on the carretera, a wide shoulder helps make the traffic bearable.  



  Day 2. Puente la Reina to Los Arcos (45 km)  

  The Camino is definitely a footpath to Estella.

  The traffic on the carretera is light on this stretch, its a continuous up and down through the agricultural regions of Navarra.



  Day 3. Los Arcos to Najera (63 km)

  The Camino is a challenge to skillfull mountainbikers until Viana.

  Traffic can be quite heavy on the carretera, however, a wide shoulder makes this a comfortable ride.  



  Day 4. Najera to Belorado (73 km)  

  The Camino is a clay road that can be tough to travel after a rain.

  Along small country roads we travel the carretera through the Oca mountains.  



  Day 5. Belorado to Burgos (75 km)  

  The Camino passes along on bumpy paths.

  We are continuing along the small country roads on the carretera through the wine regions of La Rioja.


  Day 6. Burgos to Boadilla del Camino (81 km)

  The Camino is passable until Castrojeriz, after which the hills and poor surface produce day dreams of a fully suspended bike.

  Small country roads make the carretera a good alternative.                   



  Day 7. Boadilla del Camino to Sahagun (76 km)  

  The Camino is a somewhat bumpy clay path to Fromista, then a gravel path on the side of the carretera.

  We travel the quiet side roads on the carretera.  



  Day 8. Sahagun to Leon (65 km)  

  The Camino is a newly created gravel path ('Real Camino de Frances") that stretches straight as an arrow far into the distance.

  Quiet country roads and diversity in the landscape make the carretera a welcome alternative.  




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